QC Economics

Seminar Series Fall 2015
12:10-1:30 pm





Wednesday 9/2/15 PH 351 Leanne Ussher (Queens College)
      A Trade Credit Network.
Monday 9/21/2015 PH 351 Alberto Abadie
      Endogenous Strati cation in Randomized Experiments
Thursday 10/8/2015 PH 351 Xu Lin
      Gender and Racial Peer Effects with Endogenous Network Formation
Tuesday 10/13/2015 PH 351 Klaus Desmet
      The Geography of Development: Evaluating Migration Restrictions and Coastal Flooding
Wednesday 10/21/2015 PH 351 Meta Brown
      Debt, Jobs, or Housing: What's Keeping Millennials at Home?
Wednesday 10/28/2015 PH 351 Kanda Naknoi
      Exchange Rates, Borrowing Costs and Exports: Firm-Level Evidence
Tuesday 11/3/2015 PH 351 Zadia Feliciano (Queens College)
      EU Accession and Foreign Owned Firms in Bulgaria.
Monday 11/9/2015 PH 351 Going beyond LATE: Bounding Average Treatment Effects of Job Corps Training
Monday 11/16/2015 PH 351 Sahar Parsa
      Political Dynasties, Term Limits and Female Political Empowerment:Evidence from the Philippines
Tuesday 12/1/2015 PH 351 Liuren Wu (Baruch)
      Monetary Policy Rule as a Bridge: Predicting Inflation Without Predictive Regressions
Tuesday 12/8/2015 PH 351 Paco Alcala (University of Murcia)
      International Relocation of Production and Growth

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