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John Devereux, Professor and Department Chair
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Office Location: PH 300A
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Schools Attended:
Ph.D., University of Chicago

Research Interests: International Economics, Growth and Development, Economic History  


Journal Articles:


"Recessions, Growth and Banking Crises" (2013) Journal of International Money and Finance. with G. Dwyer, S. Baier and R. Tamura. Forthcoming.

"The Road not taken: Pre-Revolutionary Cuban Living Standards in Comparative Perspective." (2012) Journal of Economic History with Marianne Ward.

"Have Absolute Price Levels Converged for Developed Economies? The Evidence since 1870" Forthcoming 2007 Review of Economics and Statistics with Sam Choi and Lein Chen

"Accounting for US Regional Real Exchange Rates" Journal of Money Credit and Banking. February 2006, v. 38. With Sam Choi and Lein Chen.

"Relative British and American Income Levels during the First Industrial Revolution" Research in Economic History. Volume 23, 2005, pp. 249-86 With Marianne Ward.

"Relative UK/US Output Reconsidered: A Reply to Broadberry " Journal of Economic History. 2004, v. 64, iss. 3, pp. 879-91With Marianne Ward.

"Measuring British Decline: Direct Versus Long Span Income Measures" Journal of Economic History. 2003 63: 826-851. With Marianne Ward.

"What can US City Price Data Tell Us About Purchasing Power Parity", Journal of International Money and Finance. 2003. With Lein Chen.

Working Papers:


Explaining Price Level Differences: New Evidence on the Balassa-Samuelson Effect (Revise and re-submit Southern Economic Journal)

Prices and Incomes in Historical Income Comparisons

The Iron Rice Bowl: Chinese Living Standards under Mao Zedong

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