QC Economics

The Honors and High Honors Options in Economics

Honors in Economics

The Economics Department has two honors programs: Honors in Economics and High Honors in Economics. Honors in Economics is awarded to economics majors who maintain a 3.5 average or better in all economics and business courses. There is no formal application for honors in economics. Earning honors depends solely on grades.

The High Honors Option in Economics

High Honors in Economics has the same grade requirement as honors in economics, which is to maintain a 3.5 average or better in all economics and business courses, but high honors also requires that students take the honors seminar, ECO 392W, in which they will write a senior thesis, which must be reviewed by a committee.

To Apply for High Honors: It is the student's responsibility to notify the chairperson that he/she wishes to be considered for high honors in Economics/BBA. The deadline for applying is May 1 for the Spring semester and December 1 for the Fall semester.

Note that ECO 392W may be taken as an independent study if it is not being offered as a regular course. In order to earn High Honors, students must receive a grade of A- or better in ECO 392W. High Honors students are strongly encouraged to take Economics 225 and 226 in place of Economics 205 and 206. This program is intended to (1) increase the depth and breadth of mathematical, statistical, accounting, and communication skills, (2) provide the basic skills for students to do research and writing in economics, and (3) provide an opportunity to "work as an economist" while at college. Enrollment in ECO 392W is by permission of the department only.

Timing: ECO 392W may not be taken until Economics ECO 205 or 225, Eco 382 or Bus 384, and two of the following three courses--ECO 206 or 226, 215, 227--have been taken, so students interested in this option should plan ahead.

Recognition and Letters of Commendation and Recommendation: In recognition of their achievements in this option, all students successfully completing the requirements of the Honors Option shall receive a Department Letter of Commendation, designation of "High Honors" on their transcript, and a certificate awarding "High Honors in Economics" from the Department. In addition, if so desired by the student, the Honors Option Director will write a letter of recommendation describing the program and the student's work and achievements to graduate schools and potential employers.